Sailing Boat

An opportunity to live an adventure on the Alqueva waters, on your own.

Because the Alqueva is also windy when needed, why not pratice the art of sailing? Whether you’re a beginner or an old sea dog, these waters are for you.

Price: 120,00€

Disponível de Maio a Outubro.

Full-day: 120,00€
Half-day: 80,00€

5,05 m
Capacity: 7 people
Big sail

Bookings should be made at least 24h in advance.

Other Rentals

We provide other types of rentals and services. Contact us for more information.

Adventure Boat

Gather your friends and onwards to adventure! There’s so much natural richness to find. With some luck, you may even see coots, mallards and other water birds that live in the region.

Rigid Inflatable Boat

In the immense lake, through the Guadiana and tributaries, meandering through the islands and nooks, we realize the colossal dimension of the lake.

Pedal Boat

Combine exercise and fun times in this activity perfect for the whole family.

Where we are (boarding location)

Marina next to the Alqueva dam


Rua Manuel Mendes, 16 7860-179 Moura, Portugal

RNAAT 65/2010

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