Who are we?

We’re passionate about everything we do. We take pride and joy in showing the beauty of the Alqueva to every single person who visits us. 


The immensity of the lake, the fauna, the flora, the history of its people and places, the charming city of Moura, all yet to be revealed.

Who we are

The other side of the Alqueva and the Alentejo.

Alquevatours is a family project created and developed by Humberto Nixon, a geographer and defender of the Alqueva since 1980, who has always followed closely on the evolution of the lake project and its many purposes.

The immensity of the lake, the fauna, the flora, the history of people and places, all yet to be revealed and the proximity to the charming city of Moura, made him believe that anything can be achieved, through hard work and perseverance.

In 2008, next to the dam (‘s pedestrian area), he would place his first boat and begin the adventure, in a region where tourism activity was scarce. Today, his passion for the project is even greater, and shared by the whole team.

The daily exploration and renewed discovery of a lake with 1160km (720.8 miles) of margins, supported by the Guadiana river and its tributaries, are the inexhaustible source of inspiration for Alquevatours.

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Where we are (boarding location)

Marina next to the Alqueva dam


Rua Manuel Mendes, 16 7860-179 Moura, Portugal

RNAAT 65/2010

Reserve Agora